About Me

I graduated from Champlain College a specialty in Gameplay and Systems programming. I have grown up immersed in video games and have quite literally experienced gaming grow up with me. Since my early days of playing Sonic The Hedgehog on an original Sega Genesis, I have had a passion for playing and creating amazing games. I am thrilled with the limitless possibilities available for games now, from VR and AR to facial and voice recognition to the variety of uses for gaming from education, training and just plain enjoyment. I am an innovator as well as a participant, having put together a team and created a game used in pharmaceutical manufacturing. I understand there must be a balance among many roles when programming games and recognize the importance of putting together a development team which utilizes each members’ strengths needed for success. I look forward to combining my skills, knowledge, passion and experience to help create the next big hit in gaming!

Education + Skills

2017 – 2021

Champlain College, Burlington VT

Bachelor of Science, Game Programming


Unity Engine // Git version control // SVN version control // C# // C++ // Microsoft Office Suite // GameMaker Studio 2

Working Knowledge

JavaScript // Audacity