My Games

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Senior Capstone

Overgrown is a game that was created using Unreal Engine 4. It was worked on for a full school year, however, I wasn’t brought onto the team until the second semester. Overgrown is a fast paced resource management game where the goal is to keep a multitude of houseplants alive. Each level presents new obstacles for the player to tackle and overcome, ranging from pesky cats knocking over the plants to annoying swarms of bugs that will eat away at your precious plants!

Biometric Integration

Biometrics Is Better! is a game that was created in Unity. I worked on this game for roughly 9 months. The main objective of this game was to teach factory workers both how to use fingerprint and iris biometrics in their everyday workflow, and to show them how much more efficient it can make their workplace. In order to get this point across we really wanted to integrate the actual biometrics with the game so that when they reach a biometric device in the game they can then use the actual device that’s right beside them and it would process it in-game. The bulk of my work was done on creating the aforementioned system and it resulted in one of the coolest game interactions I’ve ever seen!

Junior Year Project

Dewey’s Dungeon is a game that was created in Unity. I worked on for a single semester where the main mechanic was picking up map pieces that the player would then place on the map to build their own dungeon. The only aspect of the dungeon that the player had no control over is what the generated map layout was. But, once the layout was made, they could place pieces on any of the boxes in the layout from whatever assortment of map pieces they had collected along the way. The biggest challenge that this code had to overcome was making sure that every layout was beatable in the sense that the player could get to every possible room spawn that was a part of the layout.